Monday, 5 May 2014


The weather outside is sunny and cloudless and warm and perfect. I keep looking out my window and admiring the view....of the huge shopping mall across the street. I must keep away from spending $$$ on clothes for summer- although I NEED some new stuff because the shit I bought last year is too big, which translates into "I cannot be seen wearing something like that!" I coloured my hair last night and nice shade of cooper-brown because I'm tryting to get the red out and then I'm gonna go dark with ome blond. I need that change. Hair gets so boring- after trying out every colour that exists! Didn't go to the tanning salon because I got distracted at Shopper's and then went home for a relaxing girly treatment for myself. Did my nails and got all primped for today. I look cute in my casual friday gear and my sexy heels and voluptous hair! Fuck- I don't even need to comb ym hair in the mornings cuz I wake up and the bedhead looks tres sexy so I'm all set. 

Sweet eh? Yeah I can hear the guys reaidng this  and thinking "God she's soo shallow and annoying- writing about herself and what she's doing to her appearance"....Uh, yeah- well I'm a GIRL and that's how we do! Ok off topic- I hear Rosie O'Donnell is set to take Merideth's place on The View as the newest co-host! haha!!! I can only imagine the impact THAT would have on Star Jones or that Joy comedian lady. Maybe she'l spice things up and fuck with thier heads every morning! lol Jessica Simpson is apparently pissed off with Nick beacuse of the story he told to some magazine where he claims to not know for sure if she did/didn't cheat on his ass....and some other not-so-nice stuff about her. Hello bitch! You're getting a fuckin DIVORCE and it was YOUR idea- what the fuck did you think he'd do??!! I swear that chick is in need of some counselling and schooling ASAP! He daddy should stop pushing her to sex up her image and set her on a road to education and enlightenment!